Ad Astra
Spaceships! These posts will usually be either a complete pre-made spacecraft with write-up, or new or modified systems for use in your own creations.

Ars Mundi
Ideas and elements for worldbuilding. These tend to take the shape of either a discussion on one particular technology or element and it's repercussions, or a discussion of an idea or theme applied to a setting.

Dramatis Personae
Fleshed-out characters that can serve as either PCs or NPCs, with small sections on adapting them to other settings or hooks for integrating them as NPCs into adventure plots.

Equipment Locker
New equipment, modified equipment, and worked examples of equipment created using existing rules. Maybe also including discussions on the utility of existing items.

Posts about the status of the blog and other real-life things, rather than straight-up GURPS content.

New optional rules, expansions upon existing rules, or discussions of the application and merit of certain rules.

Artefacts, relics or mythical treasures. Any kind of item that is one-of-a-kind, unique or noteworthy.

Rogues Gallery
Monsters, enemies and threats. These all include a bestiary entry in Dungeon Fantasy-style format.

Rants/diatribes about game mechanics, game design or approaches to play that don't serve any concrete purpose. Feel free to ignore.

Utility Closet
Random useful information that doesn't fit under other columns. Typically more GM-focused.

Seeds or fully-detailed descriptions of settings or parallel worlds. It differs from Ars Mundi in that these are specific worlds with details. Where applicable, information for integrating them into GURPS Infinite Worlds will be given.

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