Hard Maths is my RPG blog that focuses, almost exclusively, on Steve Jackson Games' GURPS 4th Edition. The name comes from the common myth or meme that playing GURPS requires complicated mathematics. I started the blog after going through the huge amounts of notes on my computer that had rule alterations, new equipment, characters, spaceships, and so on that I'd made with existing GURPS systems or on my own, and realised that they'd do no good sitting half-done on my hard drive. Putting them on a blog serves three purposes. Firstly, the process of dressing things up for consumption by other people forces me to consider it on a deeper level, thereby making me produce better things. Secondly, it allows feedback from others on it, again helping me make better things. Thirdly, it allows other people to use them!

My posts are separated into "columns", which is a skeumorphism for an online blog, but a useful one. Columns are separated by the type of content, rather than genre. Genres are found in the tags, which can be useful if you're looking for just a small subset of the things I make for a specific game.

I have no hard and fast schedule, though I publish most posts at 10:00 GMT. I'm currently trying to keep to a goal of two posts every week to build up both a routine and a constant presence within the GURPSday pulls and SJGames forums.

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