Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Meta: The Return

Me, returning to my blog.
The Internet, 1983 (colourised).
So it's been a while.

The main reason for this was that the players for the game I had been planning (and getting really excited about) fell through, and it really bummed me out. It killed my desire to keep planning and scheming GURPS stuff, so I just sort of forgot about this blog and my goals of two posts a week died a quiet death. In truth, I struggled to meet that target almost every single week, so going forward I'm probably going to stick to once a week.

But there's some good news: after a while in limbo, the game has been resurrected! The three players have good ideas of what they want to play, I've started scheming horrible things that will happen to them and we've arranged both a Session 0 (for character creation) and a Session -1.

Session -1 will consist of me handing the players pre-generated characters and thrusting them into a situation with little context, designed for them to fail and die in a plot-relevant way, much like the False Protagonist trope often used in TV series. It serves the purpose of letting us get right into how the game works in play without having to explain it during character creation, allows me to tightly shepherd a scenario designed to display a variety of possible gameplay situations, and lets the players feel out how lethal GURPS combat can be without putting their precious homemade characters at risk. The more I sharpen my knives for this session, the better an idea it seems!

I have plenty of half-finished posts from back when I was actively working on things, so those will be resurrected too, polished up and make up new content. I will be doing some after-action reports on my sessions (providing the players consent) but I'm aware of the fact that they tend to not be very popular content. I know that I almost always skim over AARs on other blogs in the gurps-o-sphere, so I might instead do something like highlights or character descriptions. I'm going to play this one by ear!


  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to the AARs!

  2. Welcome back man. I was wondering what happened to ya.

    Hopefully I'll be able to get the ball rolling again soon on my blog too.