Monday, 4 April 2016

Playbook: Alternative Reluctant Killer

Pacifism (Reluctant Killer) is, basically speaking, totally broken. It forces your character into the same depressive stupor as Cannot Kill [-15] after actually killing anyone, while severely impeding your ability to do anything in combat, for a mere -5 points. Put bluntly, its underpriced, doesn't produce interesting roleplaying and is totally pointless. So I tried to fix it. Your mileage may vary.

Saturday, 2 April 2016


Since about November last year, I've been coding a series of tools for GURPS in Python which I've been uncreatively calling GURPSGen. Chief among them are two programs that do all the calculations and busy work for the two systems featured in Pyramid for designing armour and beam weapons. I've recently uploaded my work over the last few months to a Github page, since the beam weapon generator is getting close to being finished. So I thought I'd share it with other members of the GURPS community. Here it is.

More information is available in the readme for the repository but to summarise: the beam weapon generator can do everything the original Pyramid article can, except cannon. At this point I'm mostly adding features on top to make it more complete and versatile. Two highlights are that I've added some beam types from Ultra-Tech that weren't in the original article (though some were clearly left out for a reason) and a limited facility for exporting weapons to XML files that GURPS Character Sheet can read. The downside is that I have no knowledge of GUI programming, so the entire thing has to be run from either your shell or a Python interpreter, and you have to input everything via text. I'm intending to start tangling with Tkinter any day now and hopefully set up a decent GUI to make it easier to use.

I'd appreciate any feedback, which includes breaking the hell out of it and telling me how you did it. The nice thing about programming is that you make it better by breaking it.